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Today, our world is more connected than ever before, and that means that you have a global, captive audience. If you could only reach it.

Your Best Ally In Localizing Games

The world is big – but it’s not uniform. Every country and every region tells a different story. Its inhabitants speak a different language, and its communities strive for different goals.

To make a game attractive to one region, it must be relevant. The values, behaviors, and language must be aligned with the people – or else you risk losing them. It’s not enough to be vague or generic, and it’s not enough to appeal to one larger player-base in the hopes of winning over the rest of them. You have to get specific. At scale.

But how can one game appeal to every segment of the global population?

It all comes down to localization.

By adjusting games to align with the cultural context of specific player-bases, the resulting play experience is made less confusing, more relevant, and more captivating.

The problem?

Accurate, scalable, and affordable localization is all but impossible to find.

Too Simple

Most companies you see offering localization? They’re really offering translation. Quick, easy – and ineffective. Translation doesn’t account for the nuances in language. It doesn’t solve the problem of translating common proverbs and slang in a way that makes sense, and it doesn’t signify to the players that your game was made for them.

Too Unqualified

And then there are the companies that promise they can get you the comprehensive, in-depth localization you need. But only in their local region. That leaves you hustling to find local localization services in every other region you’re trying to expand into – and we don’t need to tell you how extraordinarily time-consuming, costly, and frustrating that is.

Too Hands-Off

These are the companies that localize your game – and then disappear once the task is done. The companies that aren’t concerned about confirming their work actually worked, monitoring your progress, or giving you any sort of long-term support. These are the companies that can’t be partners because they won’t stick around after the job’s done. They’re the companies that can’t be held accountable for poor (or no) results, and they’re the companies that are only interested in getting paid – fast. These companies are a dime a dozen, and while they might seem impressive at first, beware of the disappearing act.

Too Expensive

And then there are the companies that promise to avoid all of those traps – that guarantee you the top-notch, scalable, and reliable localization services that you need – for a price. A hefty one. An unreasonable one. These companies capitalize on their unique skill-set. If they really do have what it takes to provide impeccable worldwide localization, then they’ll only take offers from the highest bidders. The big names who can afford the daunting asking price. That means that there’s no one left looking out for the little guys. The underdogs.

Our Unrivaled Team


SandVox’s international team is made up of expert linguists in the most integral markets, including Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. We have extensive experience in game localization for all major languages, and we’ve assisted game developers like Space Ape, Hutch Games, and KONAMI to reach wider audiences.

But beyond our expertise, our team brings something else invaluable to the table: our pure love for gaming. We understand the logic and details that are crucial for high game performance, and we operate all of our services with that understanding in mind. Our team isn’t satisfied until your game is localized effectively – so that both you and your audience can feel the difference.

Our Values


Efficiency First

Armed with an international team of localization experts and tried-and-true processes for achieving the best possible results, our services are reliable, effective, and fast. Our team members are located around the world (in their native regions), so we’re able to work around the clock, taking advantage of time zone differences to get you your completed tasks quicker. But heightened productivity never means the quality of work is threatened; with rigorous quality control checks, our Localization QA Experts confirm that industry standards are met – and surpassed. At SandVox, we know that time is money. That’s why we’re committed to getting you top-tier results faster – so you can see your profitability soar.

Ready For Anything

In the context of the current geopolitical turmoil (including the “decoupling” between the US and China), it’s natural to think about all the possible risks when considering international expansion. At SandVox, we do our best to minimize those risks – setting your game up for stress-free success on the global level. We’ve prioritized risk prevention by establishing a global network of personnel, including headquarters in the US and Hong Kong so that your growth plans can’t be negatively affected by geopolitics. With communications occurring via best-practice tools (like DingTalk, WeChat, & Slack) and all major currencies accepted as payment, we are ready for any expansion project, anywhere in the world.

Always Scalable

Whether you’re seeking a partner to help you grow from 0-to-1 or from 0-to-1-million, SandVox is here for you. Our localization services are tailored around your needs, which means that as your expansion plans to scale, so too can our services. Our diverse, large, and expertly equipped team is ready to jump to action whenever you need them. All you have to do is say the word. And then there are the details outside of localization: in addition to our primary service, we also offer scalable capabilities in Customer Service, Community Management, Games Marketing, AI Data Analysis, and Project Management. Whatever you need, SandVox is prepared to make it happen.

The bottom line is, SandVox does things differently.

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