Community Management

Find the most effective way to extend the life of your game


Refine How You Interact With Your Users

In the age of online exposure and social media – people’s attention is the most important currency. We will make our best to assure your players get the best experience and feel connected to your community while playing your games.

Multilingual Community Management is the foolproof way to extend the life of your game

On one side, we know a strong and lively community is critical in keeping your game on the right track. But we also understand that good community management can be a time-consuming task.

We Guarantee

• Community management – available 24/7, in all major languages

• Dedicated Team – a team of dedicated, native experts working with your community

• Personalized strategy – as a team of goal-driven experts, we’ll create a personally tailored community management strategy for your game

Our Community Managers take care of the essential part of any game – the gamers themselves

They partner with you to grow the community around your game, being there to respond to any questions, requests, and comments from fans and forum posters alike.

In short, when you need help managing, maintaining, and growing your community, SandVox will be there to help at every single step.

We Offer

Community Maintenance

We included here checking the regularity of posts and other publications, replying to your fans’ comments, and increasing engagement on the forums.

Community Monitoring

At SandVox, we know that your gamers’ community matters. A lot. Therefore, our team of professionals will help you to create a friendly atmosphere and engagement with your players.

Monitoring and analyzing fans’ posts and comments on the platforms they use is the starting point of community monitoring. We are also here to help you deal with any negativity that may be observed on such platforms.

Content Creation

Every good plan starts with an excellent strategy. If you have no experience with community management, we’ll design a content strategy for your community – including the tone of voice, content, posting frequency, and more.

As the next step, we can create this content, whether we are talking about posts for your blog or video clips for social media.

Forum Engagement And Growth

As part of your content strategy, we can create exciting and interesting content, such as contests and events – to encourage community engagement, participation, and growth.

The bottom line is, SandVox does things differently.

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