Localization Project Management

Get the support of our world-class Project Managers, and tailor your localization process to suit your needs, goals, and player base.

Stay On The Right Track With SandVox Localization Project Management

We know that game localization is more than a simple translation. And we also know that dealing with all the moving parts – from translators and editors to graphic designers, writers, QA testers, and social media professionals – to keep everything on track is anything but easy.

That’s why our Localization Project Managers will help you along the way, making sure that everything goes smoothly, on time, and within budget and serve as your point of contact for your localization project.


SandVox Project Managers Are Your Strategic Partners, Not Service Providers

Localization project managers hold the entire localization process together and work hand-in-hand with you to define and optimize the process.

Following a thorough initial project analysis, they will assign a tailor-made team to complete the work based on your game’s needs, and

  • understand your business needs
  • keep track of your localization project
  • find the best people for the job
  • make sure all the proper QA procedures are adhered to
  • solve the inherent issues that might come occur

Get The Desired Results Due To The Successful Localization Project Management

To make your localization strategy come to life, they bring a specific set of skills to the team, being:

  • Detail-oriented and process-driven – at SandVox, Project Managers know what it takes to get complex projects done, from project kick-offs to final reporting
  • Professional multi-taskers – they are involved in every stage of the localization workflow
  • Tech-savvy – we bring experience and knowledge of industry-standard localization tools and can help you choose the best options for your game
  • Multilingual – they’re globally minded and comfortable working across time zones and cultures

See What Our Customers Say About SandVox

We tried DeepL translator for our games - huge mistake. Although SandVox had to retranslate our entire game, they just charged us a post-edit rate. We’re so grateful and are working since then with Johann.


(via Twitter)

We were quite unhappy with our outsourced customer service company. Most agents just copy-pasted their messages and we got more and more complaints about generic replies, even wondering if these were actual humans. Thanks to Sharon from SandVox, we finally restored our brand reputation and could reduce our refund rate by 35% - those guys literally save our money!

Jennifer Smith

(via google.com)

As a small start-up, our dev team was translating our game. We obviously sucked in that. After talking to many agencies (and) quoting incredible sums, we met with Eric from SandVox on Zoom. I wish that most translation agencies would be that professional like Eric and his crew. They really saved us time and effort. Our players loved their translations, and we could finally continue working on adding new content to the game. Thanks, guys!

Marc DuChamps

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