Translating in-game text is at the heart of localization, but translation alone is not enough to be successful.

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Armed with an international team of localization experts and tried-and-true processes for achieving the best possible results, our services are reliably effective and you can see it in our results.

Localization Native Experts

Our international team is made up of expert linguists in the most integral markets, including Europe, North America, South America, and Asia.


Following the “four-eyes principle,” all texts are translated and then checked by a native proofreader.

Quality Check

We know the emotional connection is in the details; that’s why we pay specific attention to:

  • automatic terminology verification
  • consistency checks
  • glossary validation
  • character length check

We Help You To Get Specific. At Scale

In addition to game script, voice over and UI, we help you with translation and localization of all media and other text you might need, including:

  • website content
  • marketing materials
  • graphics
  • packaging
  • user guides, etc

Our Awesome Team Of Native Localization Specialists And Experts

Localization brings the fine details that create emotional connections and make your game to be successful. We know this from both our professional and personal experience – at SandVox, we ourselves are gamers and bring our pure love of games to the table.

We work with native translators who enable us to offer high-quality game localization in more than 50 languages. Our native linguists collaborate on all projects, their skills ensuring your game’s quality and the successful launch of your localized title.

SandVox localization team

Ready To Make A Real Change In Your Localization Strategy?

A project manager is assigned to you, serving as your point of contact for the entirety of your localization project. Following a thorough initial project analysis, tailor-made, handpicked teams, are assigned to complete the work based on your game’s needs.

They work on your project from start to finish, bringing with it a rapid flow of communication and extensive localization experience to your game. And even if nothing can beat human judgment when it comes to translation and localization, technology is a useful tool. Therefore, we use artificial intelligence to enhance the productivity & success of your efforts.

Following the “four-eyes principle”, all texts are translated and then checked by a native proofreader.

This way, we ensure that your content benefits from a fresh set of eyes, further ensuring the quality of your localized title.


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