Speech and sounds bring your video game to life, making it world real

When creating an immersive and engaging game, sound is of paramount importance. And this is especially true when you want to adapt your game to a foreign market. If you want to evoke emotional responses in players that they carry with them forever, then this service is for you.


Whatever Your Voice-Over Requirements, We Have The Means To Make Them A Reality

Being also passionate gamers, helping game developers to craft memorable stories is at the core of what we do. We know that when you are looking for voices for your localized game, you need professional talents. An underwhelming performance isn’t going to capture gamers with quotes that they will remember for years.

We guarantee

  • An experienced team
  • Professionals from around the world – so we make sure that all the multilingual recordings you receive have the most authentic voice-over possible
  • Quality assurance – every audio file is quality tested before the project is completed. After that, we deliver the final results in the format of your choice.

The end result speaks for itself: flawless localization, culturally tailored to your target market.

“In all major languages, we empower game developers to swiftly get their games to the widest international audience.”

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