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Game Localization In All Most Important International Languages
Game Localization In All Most Important International Languages
We are native translators spread all over the world, having one goal: to offer you localization services in all major languages, perfectly suited to your game’s needs. This way you gain the local players’ hearts so that your business can flourish and expand worldwide.
24/7 Customer Service & Community Management
24/7 Customer Service & Community Management
We know the importance of your customers’ feedback in building loyalty and increasing your sales. That’s why our exceptional multilingual customer service has brought trust to the level of art. And we help you build and develop an authentic dynamic community that makes game localization borderless.
Globalized Games Marketing
Globalized Games Marketing
Our goal is to provide you with tailored marketing development strategies to reach a wider playerbase and expand all over the world. So we bring on the table the creation, optimization, delivery, and tracking campaigns in key target markets across all channels, including in-game marketing. Results? Increased purchases and a higher revenue.

Best-Selling Books IP Rights Management

SandVox copyrighting agency service currently represents around 400 best-selling European and North American IP titles, from stories of popular genres such as romance to dark fairy tales and paranormal adventure.

18 writers became USA Today best-selling authors

We have comprehensive experience working with top-tier publishers and an extensive network of excellent writers. Therefore, we can offer you the latest and best books to select distribution or gaming rights therefrom. With premium content and services, we are dedicated to helping you conquer the globe of games!

Localization Project Management

Our top-notch project managers create suitable market strategies tailored to your target player base, so you can get the desired results due to the successful localization process.


  • rigorously review the quality of translations
  • accurately monitor the progress of projects
  • and efficiently and consistently evaluate market reactions

to ensure that your project progresses and generates cash flows quickly. This way we make sure your products are taking the market by storm!

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