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Unlike the other guys, we’ll never offer you half-baked or literal translations, and we’ll never stop before the entire localization process is done. We pride ourselves on reliability, efficacy, and integrity – and for that reason, we treat your game’s growth like it’s our own. From Localization to 24/7 Customer Service, Optimized Digital Marketing to Effortless Project Management, we give you the tools you need to achieve success. Always.

“We’re here to shake up the games industry, and we’re here to transform what’s possible for your game as you expand into the global market.”


Too Unqualified? No, We Have World-Renowned Expertise.

Unlike the other guys, we’re not limited to any region or language — because our team of experts is international. Instead of needing to source different localization experts in different regions, we make it easy for you to receive, track, and adjust all regional elements in one place. With our rigorous quality control guidelines, our market insight, and our love of the game, our qualifications put your needs into the industry’s most capable hands.

Too Hands-Off? No, We Offer End-to-End Support.

Unlike the other guys, we don’t stop caring when the payment’s been made. Our #1 priority is making sure our customers’ games are equipped to scale as effortlessly (and profitably) as possible, and that means that we’re constantly on the lookout for how we can better help you. From our primary localization support to offering a host of other localization services, our team is dedicated to being your true partner every step of the way.

Too Expensive? No, We’re Always Reasonable.

Unlike the other guys, we’re not in the business of charging exorbitant rates or hitting you with surprise fees when it comes to adjusting past results. Not only are our costs always clear upfront, but they’re also extremely competitive – offering you the top-notch quality you’re looking for at an always-affordable price.

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SandVox was designed to help games like yours meet their fullest potential. See how we can help you.


Our native linguists partner with you at every step of the way, ensuring the quality of your localization and the successful launch of your game.

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Armed with an international team of localization experts and tried-and-true processes for achieving the best possible results, our services are reliably effective and you can see it in our results.

We offer:

  • native experts
  • proofreading
  • quality check

Customer Service

Your users’ experience matters. A lot. That’s why our exceptional multilingual customer service has brought trust to the level of art.

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With an eye on attracting players from around the world, we know that your customer service strategy is designed to help you reach the widest possible player base. With this service, we help our customers create, develop and optimize their customer services in their key target markets. If you’re looking to reach, excite, and impact more, then this is the service for you.


Our dedicated and experienced team of testers ensures your game is a bona fide classic and ready for any market you choose.

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Our team consists of native, dedicated, and experienced specialists to ensure your game is ready for any market of your choosing.

We guarantee:

  • a team of native, dedicated linguists and testers
  • high-quality Localization QA
  • detailed reports
  • polished content – including reporting of any text or audio-related issues


Localization Project Management

Get the support of our world-class Project Managers, and tailor your localization process to suit your needs, goals, and player-base.

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Game localization is more than a simple translation. We know that dealing with all the moving parts – from translators and editors to graphic designers, writers, QA testers, and social media professionals – to keep everything on track is anything but easy.

But our Localization Project Managers will partner with you along the way, making sure that everything goes smoothly, on time, and within budget.

Community Management

We help you build and develop an authentic dynamic community that makes game localization borderless.

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In the age of online exposure and social media – people’s attention is the most important currency. We will make our best to assure your players get the best experience and feel connected to your community while playing your games.


Our services are tailored to your needs, meaning that as your expansion plans to expand, so can our services. Whatever you need, SandVox is ready to make it happen.

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When creating an immersive and engaging game, sound is of paramount importance. And this is especially true when you want to adapt your game to a foreign market. If you want to evoke emotional responses in players that they carry with them forever, then this service is for you.

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We tried DeepL translator for our games - huge mistake. Although SandVox had to retranslate our entire game, they just charged us a post-edit rate. We’re so grateful and are working since then with Johann.


(via Twitter)

We were quite unhappy with our outsourced customer service company. Most agents just copy-pasted their messages and we got more and more complaints about generic replies, even wondering if these were actual humans. Thanks to Sharon from SandVox, we finally restored our brand reputation and could reduce our refund rate by 35% - those guys literally save our money!

Jennifer Smith


As a small start-up, our dev team was translating our game. We obviously sucked in that. After talking to many agencies (and) quoting incredible sums, we met with Eric from SandVox on Zoom. I wish that most translation agencies would be that professional like Eric and his crew. They really saved us time and effort. Our players loved their translations, and we could finally continue working on adding new content to the game. Thanks, guys!

Marc DuChamps

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Not only are our costs always clear up front, but they are also very competitive, offering you the top-notch services you are looking for in the most affordable way. No hidden costs, no surprises.

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