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What if there was a solution that guaranteed high-value localization services, support, and results — for a fair price?

Meet SandVox.

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Efficiency First
Efficiency First
Armed with an international team of localization experts and tried-and-true processes for achieving the best possible results, our services are reliable, effective — and fast. As our team members are located all over the world (in their home regions), we’re able to work around the clock, taking advantage of time zone differences to get you your completed tasks quicker. But increased productivity never means that the quality of work is threatened; with rigorous quality control checks, our localization QA experts frequently confirm that industry standards are met – and exceeded.
Unrivaled Team
Unrivaled Team
SandVox’s international team is made up of expert linguists in the most comprehensive markets, including Europe, North America, South America, and Asia. We have extensive experience in game localization for all major languages, and we’ve assisted game developers like Nanobit, Supercell, and KONAMI to reach wider audiences. But beyond our expertise, our team brings something invaluable to the table: our pure love for gaming.
Always Scalable
Always Scalable
Whether you’re looking for a partner to help you grow from 0-to-1 or from 0-to-1-million, SandVox is here for you. Our translation and localization services are tailored around your needs, meaning that as your expansion plans to scale, so too can our services. Our diverse, large, and expertly equipped team is ready to jump to action whenever you need us. All you have to do is say the word.

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SandVox does things differently.

We are here to shake up the gaming industry and help you make the impossible possible for your game as you expand into the global marketplace.
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Here's Why

Too Simple? No, We’re Wonderfully Holistic.

Unlike the other guys, we’ll never offer you half-baked or literal translations, and we’ll never stop before the entire localization process is done. We pride ourselves on reliability, efficacy, and integrity — and for that reason, we treat your game’s growth like it’s our own. From Localization to 24/7 Customer Service, Optimized Digital Marketing to Effortless Project Management, we give you the tools you need to achieve success. Always.
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Too Expensive? No, We’re Always Reasonable.

Unlike the other guys, we don’t do this business to charge exorbitant rates or to hit you with surprise fees when it comes to adjusting previous results. Not only our costs are always clear, but they are also fair and competitive – giving you the high quality services you are looking for at an always affordable price. To get a personalized offer today and see exactly how we can help you, contact us now (link to contact page)
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Too Unqualified? No, We Have World-Renowned Expertise.

Unlike the other guys, we are an international team of experts, so we’re not limited to a specific region or language. Instead of having to search and hire localization experts in different regions, we make it easy for you to receive, track and adjust all the regional elements in one place. Thanks to our rigorous quality control guidelines, our market insights and our love for games, your needs are in the best hands of the industry.
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Too Hands-Off? No, We Offer End-to-End Support.

Unlike the other guys, we don’t stop caring when the payment has been made. Our #1 priority is making sure that our customers’ games have all they need to scale as effortlessly and profitably as possible. Therefore, we look constantly for new ways to help you better. From our main translation and localization assistance to offering a series of other related services, we want to partner with you at every step of the way.
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SandVox was designed to help games like yours meet their fullest potential. See how we can help you.

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The Difference is SandVox.

The difference is high-quality localization, an expansion-ready mindset, and the tools & support needed to accomplish both.
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Not only are our costs always clear up front, but they are also very competitive, offering you the top-notch services you are looking for in the most affordable way. No hidden costs, no surprises.


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We don’t come with fake fees. Not only are our costs always clear up front, but they are always designed to meet your needs at the highest industry standards.
Always Scalable
Our localization services are tailored around your needs, which means that as your expansion plans scale, so too can our services.
Ready For Anything
Need a winning marketing campaign? Or to build up your reputation? Need help with your ASO? Our experts’ team is ready for new challenges, helping you to Our team of experts is ready for new challenges and to support you with whatever you need to conquer the game world.

Players around the world will love your game – with SandVox.

Get ready to win the Globe of Games – Expand to the world’s biggest markets and become the player’s favorite game.