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🔐 At SandVox Solutions, your privacy isn’t just a priority, it’s a commitment. That’s why we’re proud to announce our Corporate Bronze membership with the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), being the only game translation agency as a corporate member. This partnership underlines our dedication to safeguarding your data, ensuring we’re always on top of the latest privacy regulations and best practices. We believe in transparency, trust, and the power of secure connections. With SandVox, you’re not just choosing a service, you’re choosing a privacy-focused partner. 🌐

Working with Johann and his team was a delight. They didn’t just fix our bad translation, they actually helped us to expand into Latin America and South East Asia tripling our revenues. It’s pure magic what Sandvox did. Thanks, Johann!


Jake Wang


As a small start-up, our dev team was translating our game. We obviously sucked in that. After talking to many game localization agencies who were quoting incredible sums, we met with Eric from SandVox on Zoom. I wish that most translation agencies would be that professional like Eric and his crew.

They really saved us time and effort. Our players loved their translations, and we could finally continue working on adding new content to the game. Don’t look further, this game localization company is the real deal. Thanks, guys!

Marc DuChamps

SandVox saved our game. You guys, rock! If you aren’t sure, always go for SandVox! Those guys got everything I needed.

Carla Sanchez


Players around the world will love your game – with SandVox.

Get ready to expand into the world’s biggest markets and become the players’ favorite game.

SandVox does things differently.

We are here to shake up the gaming industry and help you make the impossible possible for your game as you expand into the global marketplace.

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Get localization services in all major languages, perfectly suited to your game’s needs

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Build an authentic and dynamic game community that makes your game a success across borders

24/7 Customer Service

Reach a wider player base and expand all over the world with international customer service strategies


Our team of reviewers runs a comprehensive localization test to see if all elements fit properly together and are natively localized to your target market

Localization Project Management

Get the support of our world-class Localization Project Managers, and tailor your localization process to suit your needs, goals, and player base


When creating an immersive and engaging game, sound is of paramount importance. If you want to evoke emotional responses in players that they carry with them forever, then this service is for you

Make Your Game Relevant To Every Market Of The World

Our mission is to give you the services, support, and tools you need to succeed globally. From reliable localization to hands-on assistance, and cutting-edge marketing tools to the industry’s best growth mechanisms, SandVox was designed to help games like yours meet their fullest potential.

SandVox game localization company translated Love & Passion.

We Make It Easy To Connect With Your Players

Don’t wait for players to come to you. Seek them out proactively, diving right into their regions and becoming irresistible. But you can’t treat your global audience as one single entity. You have to get specific. At scale.


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GamE Localization & GAME Community Management

  • Players love our localized games, regardless of the country they are adapted for
  • Most apps rank in the Top 10 in their categories
  • Built gaming communities
  • The localized apps of our client’s portfolio generate over $10M in revenue per month
SandVox offers the best video game translation services for your interactive story game.

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