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Your users’ experience matters. A lot. That’s why our exceptional multilingual customer service has brought trust to the level of art.


Refine How You Interact With Your Users

With an eye on attracting players from around the world, we know that your customer service strategy is designed to help you reach the widest possible player base. Therefore, we help our clients create, develop and optimize their customer services in their key target markets. If you’re looking to reach, excite, and impact more, then this is the service for you.

Any language, anytime, anywhere.

Our exceptional team is located all over the world (in their native countries), so we can cover any language, any time zone, and any type of player.

Level up your gamers’ experience

Gamers are one of the most demanding groups of customers. They play games around the clock and when having problems, they expect support 24/7.

With our state-of-the-art customer support services, we help you improve your relationships with players and address their issues more accurately.

SandVox-Customer -Service

We offer expert, multilingual customer service that connects

Nobody understands gamers better like other gaming enthusiasts. We understand what drives them, what kind of help they respond to, and how to speak their language. Thanks to our experience, and our exceptional team located all over the world (in their native countries), we can deliver remarkable player support. We can cover any language, any time zone, and any type of player.


Level Up Your Gamer Experience

Any Language, Anytime, Anywhere
Rapidly And Always Scalable
Content Creation

Every good plan starts with an excellent strategy. If you have no experience with community management, we’ll design a content strategy for your community – including the tone of voice, content, posting frequency, and more.

As the next step, we can create this content, whether we are talking about posts for your blog or video clips for social media.

Global Support, One Vendor

The bottom line is, SandVox does things differently.

Rapidly And Always Scalable

Our operating model allows us to help you quickly respond to tickets, queries, and complaints. We’re used to the peaks and valleys in player support volume and can calmly handle each of them.


Global Support, One Vendor

Due to our tried-and-tested processes and centralized management structure, we offer you the ability to provide worldwide customer support when you need it the most. All from one single vendor. No loopholes, no difficulty.

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