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Localizing for the Finnish Market

Localizing for the Finnish Market

Have you considered breaking into the Finnish market? There are many advantages to doing business in Finland. With a population of 5.5 million people, Finland has seen growth in its information and communications, gaming, cleantech, and biotechnology sectors. Besides, the Finnish government is proactive in attracting foreign investment into this Nordic country.

However, breaking into the Finnish market is not easy. As with most of its Nordic neighbors, Finnish consumers have high expectations when choosing brands and products. Moreover, the Finnish language is relatively complex. To successfully reach the Finnish market, high-quality localization catered to the Finnish consumers is necessary.

The Demand for Quality

For Finns, one of the critical factors when making a purchasing decision is quality. Quality applies to both the product and the service. In fact, quality and specialization in services trump out being efficient or cost-competitive. Finns are conscious about factors like the origin of the product and how it was made.

To attract a Finnish audience, businesses must focus on providing a quality product and ensuring a positive customer experience – from start to finish. The Finnish government recognizes the importance of customer experience, making investments in various companies and research institutions that improve customer experience.

A Growing Tech Sector

Traditionally known for its strong manufacturing industry, another sector has seen tremendous growth in recent years – the tech industry. Finland is known for its export of technology and promotion of startups in the information and communications technology, gaming, biotechnology, and cleantech sectors. There are over 300,000 Finns working in technology companies and about 660,000 people working either directly or indirectly in the technology sector.

This emphasis on tech offers an excellent incentive for companies looking to localize their products to the Finnish market. The culture of innovation and growth makes it conducive to run a business that will connect with tech-savvy consumers.

Internet Usage

Finland has one of the highest Internet user penetration rates in the world at 92.5 percent. Additionally, there are over 3.32 million e-commerce users in Finland. Mobile device purchases are steadily increasing, especially among millennials.

Companies need to pay attention to digital forms of marketing when reaching the Finnish audience. Most Finns are on popular social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Google+. Younger audiences tend to use platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram. Breaking into the Finnish market requires you to meet your consumers where they are at, providing quality localized products and services.

Linguistic Challenges

Translating into the Finnish language is not an easy task. While considered part of the Scandinavian languages, linguistically, it is quite different. Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian belong to what is known as the Indo-European family of languages. Finnish is part of the Uralic languages.

These differences can make Finnish a difficult language to translate. Varying grammar rules, length of words and characters, and the language’s evolving nature are some factors that make it so challenging. As mentioned, the Finns are some of the most demanding consumers. Quality localization done by professional translators is necessary to reach this market.

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