If you want to successfully expand your business globally, then you should also consider Polish localization. And this means not just providing high-quality products and services, but also having a content localization strategy.

You might ask why is this country so important? Well, there are a few statistical data that indicate that the Polish market is a relevant one. Therefore, including Polish localization in your overall business strategy could significantly boost your sales, regardless of the industry we are talking about.

With $523 038.3 GDP (Gross Domestic Product),  Poland is the ninth-largest economy in the European Union in 2020.


It has a population of over 38 million people, with one of the strongest education systems in Europe. At the same time, some statistical data indicate that there are approximately 50 million Polish speakers worldwide.

As the Polish economy grows, companies are increasingly interested in ways to enter or expand their businesses in this market. To be successful, you must take into account the unique linguistic and cultural nuances of the Polish people and consider content localization as the main component of your marketing and communication strategy.

Let’s explore some reasons why you should pay greater attention to this European country.

Reason #1 to consider Polish localization: rising levels of purchasing power

On average, Poles had EUR 7,589 to spend in 2019. This is nearly half of the European purchasing power average of EUR 14,730 and despite the lower levels, it is steadily rising. With an income comparable to the average European salary, the middle class has grown significantly in the last decade and is the engine of the country’s development.

As a foreign company, you should expect to face stiff competition, especially from local companies. You might consider internationalization as part of your production process. But when developing your communication strategy, you should opt for localizing content for the Polish consumer.

This way you have the opportunity to tap into a market that your competitors may not even think about.

Reason #2 to localize for the Polish market: educated consumers

Poland offers one of the best education systems in Europe. Due to the reforms that have taken place since the 1990s in this area, the Polish educational system now compares with those in Germany and Finland.

It’s no surprise that people with higher education will have higher incomes, generating higher sales. But they will also become more exigent customers and will inevitably lead to demand for high-quality products.

Moreover, the Polish government intends to provide support for creative and localized products. For example, Poland was the first country to put the Polish computer game, This War Of Mine, on the official reading list for children in schools.

Though Polish localization means not only adapting products and services to the specifics of the local consumers but also adapting the marketing communication. And the easiest way for you to do this is through web content localization.

Reason #3 to think about Polish localization: brand loyalty

Polish consumers tend to remain loyal to a brand or product once they perceive it to be reliable and trustworthy. Like many people all over the globe, Poles will pay higher prices for higher-quality products. Therefore, to gain their trust, you need to implement a localization strategy and adapt your products and services to the characteristics of the local audience.

Reason #4: growing gaming scene

Poland is among the top 25 countries worldwide with the highest game revenues. In 2018, the gaming industry generated sales of $541 million with forecasted growth to reach $625 million in 2021. Mobile games continue to be the largest segment, with projected growth of $317 million in 2021.

Compared to online search, word of mouth is by far the preferred method of promoting and sharing new games among players. Therefore, collaboration with a translation agency that also offers you high-quality content localization services is so important.

If you have games that are well-suited to this specific audience, you increase your chances of word-of-mouth advertising and allow more market penetration.

SandVox: your localization agency for the Polish Market

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