Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Alone in the Dark, Beyond Good and Evil, Another World (also known as Out of This World), and Prince of Persia. There are just a few modern games that every gamer should know. What do all these titles have in common? That’s right, they are the names of some of the best video games, and all of them had a major influence by the French video game industry. French game translation is an intrinsic part of the French gaming market.

As of 2019, France had the sixth-largest video game market in the world, with an estimated worth of $3.8 billion USD. The French gaming industry is a thriving market, and localizing your video game for the French market is essential for success. Localizing a game is more than simply translating the text; it involves considering the cultural differences between the two countries and the linguistic nuances of the language.

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French game translation is critical for anyone looking to break into the French gaming industry and reach a wider audience. In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of entering the French market and how you can effectively localize your game for a successful launch.

The video game market in France is growing

The French gaming industry is growing rapidly, and its potential for success is huge. Mobile gaming alone accounts for a significant portion of this figure, representing 36.6% of all digital game sales in the country. This is a great opportunity looking to expand their reach beyond their current borders.

SandVox - Over half of the French population considers themselves as gamers
  • More than half of the French population consider themselves gamers. That means that the French video game market includes over 36.5 million gamers.
  • Action and sports games are the most popular game genres among French players.
  • According to recent statistics, 68% of the population in France play video games regularly, and men and women play almost equally – 43% of French players are female, while 57% are male. 
  • The predominantly male audience is slightly younger, with 10-35-year-old males representing the most active group, compared to 21-35-year-old females. 
  • Furthermore, French is the 7th most common language used on the Steam gaming platform, spoken by an estimated 2.18% of users. This statistic indicates the potential of the French gaming industry and the importance of localizing content for French gamers. 

And this is just the French market, without considering Canada, and African countries where French is spoken.

There are many opportunities for game localization in France

The video game market in France is booming. It offers many chances for game developers to take advantage of the growing demand for mobile games in French. French game translation is key for any game studio looking to make their mark in the French video game market.

There are several benefits when it comes to French game translation. By localizing your games to French, you can increase the appeal of your titles to a wider audience. This can also help you establish a foothold in the French market and gain more profile for your brand. Additionally, you’ll be able to capture more revenue from other French-speaking countries, including Canada, Belgium, and numerous African countries.

The potential benefits of localizing games to French are clear, but there are also challenges. The language can be hard, with its particular grammar rules and vocabulary. It’s essential to make sure you localize your game accurately and consistently. Additionally, there are cultural aspects to consider when localizing for a specific region. It includes the use of humor or references that French speakers outside of France may not understand.

By taking advantage of the chances shown by the French video game market, developers and publishers can enjoy increased visibility and improved financial returns. They can ensure that the French localization team localizes their games with careful planning and consideration. This helps them tap into this thriving and growing market.

French gamers prefer French localization

French gamers prefer Localized content

When it comes to the French video game market, localization is key. An average of 57.25% of the French population has “reasonable proficiency” in English. This is one of the reasons why French-speaking gamers expect to play their game in their target language.

Additionally, with 28 regional dialects of European French spoken in France, game companies need to consider what French they want based on their target language for maximum reach. This is especially important considering Canadian French or dialects in Africa. To achieve high quality translations and produce attractive mobile games for French players, professional French translation services are needed to ensure that the localization is carried out properly. 

Hiring native French speakers with in-depth knowledge are important to convey the message intended accurately. An experienced team of game translators can ensure that all text, images, audio, and video files are localized correctly. So French gamers can access the same high-quality gaming experience as they would elsewhere.

Tips for French Game Translation

Don’t rush your French Localization Efforts.

When planning a French game translation, it is important to remember not to rush the localization process. You’re about to localize into one of the most booming game markets. Setting a reasonable budget and deadline will help ensure that the translation and localization are done properly.

Provide Context with a Localization Kit 

When translating and localizing games, it is important to make sure that your French localization team understands your game. Preparing a localization kit, including characters, scenes, items, and a glossary, among other aspects, will greatly help your localization team. 

French Formatting

English and French are different in terms of formatting. As an example, in English, quotations are usually marked with (“ ”), while in French, you usually use guillemets (« »). 

Also, French use non-breaking spaces before punctuation marks (exclamation marks, colons) and space separators for numbers. English uses commas (e.g., 10,000 becomes 10 000). All these details could be easy to miss, but they are still part of sound localization.

Working with professional French translation services or game localization companies is vital to ensure the best possible outcome. Professional language translators understand the nuances of the language. They can ensure that the translation fits perfectly into the video game industry in France.

French LQA includes linguistic testing, translation quality review, and UI evaluation, among others.

French LQA

Localization Quality Assurance (LQA) is the final stage of game localization testing. It is essential for successfully entering the French video game market. French LQA involves linguistic testing, translation quality review, UI/UX evaluation, functional and compliance testing, and internationalization. 

When working with French translations, developers should consider that French is 30% longer than English. This can be challenging in terms of UI design on mobile devices. 

To ensure success in the French video game market, French LQA testers review the quality of their localized games. 

During this process, French LQA testers should ask themselves questions such as: Are the translations correct? Are there any spelling errors? Are there any cultural references that could be misinterpreted? By making sure all these elements are in place, you can be sure that your game is ready to launch.

French game localization services can be beneficial when developing a game for the French market. Working with experienced French LQA services can help you ensure the accuracy and completeness of your localization efforts. 

Moreover, the translation services can provide insights into the gaming industry in France and help you understand cultural references.

We recommend you hire your French localization team together with your French LQA team. Teams that worked together in several localization projects work more efficiently, and it’s cost-effective.

SandVox – French Game Localization Company

Our native French translation team at SandVox understands the importance of quality French translation services for the successful game localization of your mobile games. We are committed to helping you enter the French market, offering comprehensive localization services that include all aspects of the process, from translations and audio recordings to testing, customer service, and marketing. 

At SandVox, we specialize in creating engaging user experiences that capture and maintain the interest of French players. Our experienced linguists have the expertise needed to adapt your game’s story, dialogues, and descriptions to the cultural conventions of French language speakers. 

With our help, you can with confidence launch your mobile game in the French video game industry, as dozens of our clients already did.

Whether you are a small studio or a large international publisher, SandVox has the skills and resources to help you reach success in the French video game market. Contact us today, and let us take care of your French game translation!